Off to Mosul

A little variety. On two hour's notice or so, we found ourselves heading for Mosul.

With everything we own Loaded the back of the tank as best we could.. but I forgot my mobile phone recharger. Curses!
Preparing to leave On the HETs,about to leave Anaconda's South Gate
Wrong Turn We pull a ewey in a field...
Checkpoint Checkpoint about half-way to Mosul
COP Tampa Combined with the chow tent bombing, this is the reason we got called North. An hour-long firefight against 40 opposition was started by a truck bomb detonating just in front of where the near Stryker is.
City Street Typical North-Eastern Mosul Street
Breakdown Hooking up a towbar. We got very good at this given the amound of times we did it!
Market St 1-4 rides an M113 through a commercial area.
Another Street Not the cleanest of streets, really.
Threading Navigating through parked cars.
Yet another street. You're probably getting the idea by now.
Wiring Can you imagine working for Mosul Power and Light?
Skyline 1

Skyline 2

Skyline 3

The city skyline from the South Western corner of town. (COP Tampa). Note a lot of satellite dishes! It's a big city.
Noah's Ark An innovative Catholic Church in Eastern Mosul
Nineveh ruins One of my tanks goes through the ancient Eastern walls.
Crazyhorse The 'front yard' of Ft Crazyhorse, the school we took over to live in for a while.
Crazyhorse 2 From the yard, looking back at a corner of the building. Yes, tankers filled sandbags.
The Ambush Site The truck on the right was burning when we got there. Then lots of people shot at us from lots of directions.

The smoke 'over' the tank is from a car we blew up.

Bradley Overwatch A Bradley overwatches its squad as they enter the building.
Exit Hole 1-2 put an MPAT round through this building during one of our engagements.

The round detonated on the far wall, producing a similar size hole and a lot of scorchmarks.

Another shot Same event, similar photo to the first one. The Kiowa in the background was forced down during this skirmish.
Reinforcements Arrive We were kindof short on infantry in my platoon. These guys were just the ticket.
The Warehouse One of the buildings they shot at us from was this warehouse.

Currently receiving the attentions of a tank platoon's worth of small arms.

It Burns!!! A fire started in the warehouse.
Warehouse Afterwards Taken the next day. Holes are 120mm, 25mm, .50 cal, 7.62, and a Kiowa fired a rocket in there too.
Nearby The next day, someone using an armour piercing bullet took a shot at the 1-2TC.

Round went through the IFF panel and the side of the sponson box before stopping in a bunch of rags.

Dead Audi He just didn't stop when told to. 7.62 and .50 cal. Driver survived.
Kerbing allowed! Hey, we're in tanks. We can do whatever we want. Not that the locals paid any attention to traffic laws either.
The Pied Piper of C/2-2 IN Yes, now we have all the kids following us, where shall we take them?
Aha! More of them! The Cult is working!
The Forest No, really. An actual forest.

We were one of three platoons to get utterly lost in those dense woods one night. (Bad directions from higher)

Football The local sport. You wouldn't believe how many games were played around the city,

especially during election day when there were no cars on the streets.

At the Market This little tankie went to market...
Traffic It's a little surreal to be caught in a traffic jam when you're in a tank.
Impatience Fine. We'll go around so.
Don't mind us.. We're just commuters, in the normal flow of traffic. Big vehicle, that's all.
Family Typical Mosul family comes out to wave as we go by.
Kids in Mosul More gawkers.
UXO Visible behind the cab, above the first crossframe is a 60mm round that landed but didn't detonate. Sticking upright.
The Temple! Nessie poses in front of the tomb of some chap that was swallowed by a whale for 40 days,

before coming out and preaching about God. What's his name again...? Ah, Jonah.

Nice House


And another

Some of the houses there would go for millions in my neck of California. The marble alone would costs a fortune.
Traffic Accident "I swear, I didn't see the tank!" Really, that's what he claimed.

Yeah, right. It's 70 tons, 10 meters of green steel sitting stationary on the three-lane road.

RPG Hole Last day, last mission, they get an RPG through to the air filters on the 2-4 tank, Mobility-Killing it.

The skirt hole is the rectangular patch, the hole in the hull is just under the track directly above the second-to-last roadwheel.

After the fight was over, they threw out the smouldering air filters and drove home.

Handoff Yours Truly performs the last official act of TF Tacoma and hands over the AO to 3-21 Inf.
The Last Mission Trying to get the whole crew out for the End of Final Mission Photo.

Murphy struck, of course, the damned picture didn't come out.