As good a bunch of people as you'd want to go to war with.


The lads

The Danger Bunnies! My platoon. Big pic, so you can see everyone.

Front Row: 1-4D, 1-1G, 1-2, 1-2L, 1-1L

Back Row: 1-4, 1-4L, 104G, 1-2D, 1-2G, BandAid, 1-1, 1-3L, 1-3G, 1-3D, 1-3

Yes, there are two E-5s on 1-3. They'd swap positions every now and then. 

1-2G has the sidearm out for a reason, being the only person in the platoon to fire the 9mm in anger.

No, really, we were the Danger Bunnies The platoon logo, as seen on the 1-3 tank. Frankly, we're sick of every unit in the Army called 'Apache, Comanche, Bulldog, Cowboy' etc. We're not alone. Found a platoon of 1-24 in Mosul called the Penguins.
The company Don't look like many of us, but that's the whole company with attachments.
Comanche 3 While attached to C/2-2IN, we were split up with one section of tanks in white platoon, and one in Blue. This is my blue platoon
The Originals Barely Legal's crew before the reshuffle. Then 1-1G was offered a tank in 2nd Platoon to fill a gap due to injury.
The New 1-1 After the re-shuffle half-way through the tour.
HMMWV Gunners 1-4L and 1-4D in Dragoon Mode.
Trucker! 1-3G in the HEMMTT. We were lucky in that we drove half the vehicles in the Army's inventory!
M113 SAW 1-4D mans the SAW in the back of the M113
Mascots Nessie (1-1) and Pumbaa (1-3). 1-2 borrowed a Rhinoceros from the Marez firefighters, but I never got a close-up of it.
Air Hostess The chartered crews usually got into the spirit of things
ARGH! 1-3 in a momentary moment of insanity.

A self-titled 'Mean Old Bastard Tanker', one of the last of the Old School. 3rd ID vet from GW1

1-3G Another oldtimer, and GW1 vet, with a 3rd AD patch.
Double-Fisting 1-1G demonstrates a novel form of house-clearing.
Black 7 Along for the mission. Former crunchy who saw the light.
Blue 7 From C/2-2IN, my platoon sergeant. I kept with the tank PL callsign of '1', he kept the infantry PSG callsign of '7'
New Transport 1-3 tests out a new, minimal maintenance personnel transport system
Alternatively... Even lazier, 1-2D tests out a self-maintaining personnel transport system
Not a complementary pic... 1-1L in the Hummer
Re-enlisting The tallest man in the platoon (1-1) re-enlists the shortest man in the platoon (1-4L)
Chinwag Myself and 1-2 chat with Black 8 (Back to camera). 1-2 was in GW1 with 3rd ACR
Party Time BBQ time at Vanguard
Pumbaa in Position Pumbaa lived most of the year on the mantlet of 1-3
Sentries 1-4L and 1-4G on guard
Got Munchies? 1-4G and 1-1L
Doorways Demonstrating the 'High-Low' technique when the 'high' guy is almost twice the height of the 'low' guy.

Yes, it's a 20-round magazine, I preferred it.

Nessie on Watch Covering one side, while 1-1L covers the other.
On the 50 1-2D takes his turn on the M2.
Nessie on Patrol Nessie at Iraqi 'Checkpoint 69'
Hooka men An assortment of guys check out a local delicacy
On the Airplane Some Black types in a joyous mood.

(As were us all at that point, somewhere between WA and CA.. guess that makes it OR)

Happy Flyer 1-3G enjoying the flight.

And finally...Me. If you've made it this far!

Promoted A Butterbar no longer
Awards More shinies for the uniform
Opening the Christmas Pressie Someone (not me) decided to do a Secret Santa.I eagerly open my pressie whilst wearing the official present-opening hat.
What's wrong with this thing? Whilst arguing with my camera, I messed up a rare picture of myself.
Still, he can try again later Slightly better
Off to Mosul Myself and 1-1L. Camera and M-4 at the ready.
In Full Regalia The Anaconda Days


And that's it as far as what I'm going to put online for now. Hope you enjoyed.