Warshot Gunnery

Someone decided it would be a Good Idea (TM) to go have a gunnery in the middle of Iraq whilst also doing patrols. Oh well, it was a rare chance to fire live warshots. Found a couple of MTLB carcasses, and dragged them off to an old commo site, then shot 'em up!


Restaurant One of many on the road North, all open for business.
Hummers Galore The Engineers and Scouts show up at the range.
Tank at the range This tank actually worked. Sortof. Coax was screwy. 1-2.
Turret Lizards Catching some Zs as we wait our turn.
Comfortable Viewing Gotta have your folding captain's chair. 1-2D
Night Shot MPAT vs MTLB
Another Same thing, more sparks.
Sabot petals That's the little 'explosion' near the tank.
Goodie Stand Little roadside stall on Tampa
Lining up to leave Trying to get back onto the road...
Stopped on Tampa Maintenance halt on the way home.
MSR Tampa This road goes from Basra to North of Mosul
Shave? After the three-day gunnery.. I could have sworn I had a razor.