Kuwait and North

Shade on the Range No trees, so find your own shade as you wait.
Teacher This bloke -could- be a Royal Marine. The teachers were from all different units.
Set the Example! Sensible chaps, those Brits.
British Class A lot of NCOs pay attention to the lessons from the Brits.
SA-80 Yours Truly got to examine an L85A2. The Brits seem to like this version, a lot.

Actually, they heaped complements on it.

Burger King Last burger for a few months...
Japanese Soldier A student with us during the classes by the Brits
BMR-600 Spanish APC on the road in Iraq.
Rolled-over tank Something (T-62? T-72?) that's had a really bad day
Dead T-62 In surprisingly decent shape.
South African Gear The US Army calls it something else, of course, but the Trailblazer units who go about trying to find

roadside bombs use South African vehicles. This appears to be a 6x6 variant of the Casspir MEDDS

Carry everything on the HET Put everything on the tank, then put the tank onto the HET, then ride North.

It's actually a smooth ride, kindof like a train. Quiet, with a rocking motion.

Civilian Transport I was surprised, but some local civilian trucks could handle 70-ton tanks...