The Locals at Anaconda

People are people all over the world. Most of them really couldn't care less who's running the country as long as they get a decent price for their vegetables in Balad. They are also hugely generous, and very friendly. Frankly, I wish more Americans were like them.

Bandaid and Kids Our medic with two locals.
Morrow gets Adopted My driver...
Breaking the Boredom If you can't talk to 'em.. tickle 'em!
Fieldwork Yours Truly distracts a local landowner from his work
Ali the Barber Invited in for a spot of tea/Chai. My 1-2 is with me
Bread and Veggies The bread is standard fare, and the cucumbers are equally common for guests. 1-4G there
Another local visit My most famous photo. Front page of the Army Website for a day!
Local forces as well As much as possible, I tried to get the ING/IA involved. Didn't always work.
Wiltsey and the Kids I've seen this photo around a lot on the Web as well.

SPC Wiltsey (1-2D) quietens kids before handing out sweets.

Goodies galore! My then-1-1G with a bunch of goodies they insisted we take.

They'd give us more than we could eat, I'm afraid to say we threw away or wasted a lot.

More local kids Random kids
Yet more kids Three lasses
More locals The thumbs-up shown here was easy.

We finally got them doing the Vulcan live long and prosper thing, can't find a picture of it though.

Social Call 1-4 and 1-3 enjoy an evening with the locals
Keeping cool On several occasions during the summer we considered emulating this act ourselves.
Proper military courtesy! Kids saluting as we drive by. (Iraqis use the British style)
Tea at the Tank Locals bring out chai (tea) to us when we park nearby
Tea at the tank 2 1-4 engages the locals.
More fun at games 1-4 enjoying the moment.
Tractor There doesn't seem to be a minimum driving age. I saw 10-year-olds driving pick-ups.
Food Trade We'd give out the odd MRE, they'd come out to us with food as well.

By the way, stay clear of the lactic acid, it looks just like milk

Popular Our arrival was always a great event...
Arrival! The tanks are here!!! Charge!!!!
Kids at the tank Talking to the driver. The blond one has a blond brother. His father has no idea how that happened.
Swamped! 1-3 giving out goodies.