Pictures of vehicles (and thus crews) not having a good day.

Thrown Track  Got cracking at NTC
Wire act. Also at NTC
Cliff of Death! Driving down the road at night, blinded by oncoming traffic, we ended up slightly off the road...
Other side That could have really hurt.
Recovery Two M-88s and a tank pulled it out, with the recovered tank also driving.
OK. Now what? Later that day, I went and jammed the same tank in a dry canal.

Was doing well 'till the right side sank in soft mud. Five-minute tow job to get out again though.

If you really get stuck Call in a JCB/Cat.
But if that gets stuck The JCB started sinking too, but it was able to claw its way back out. Useful trick, that.

Driver gave up and left us to our own devices.

New definition for Hull Down Gotta admit, it's neat, if annoying.
Our Hero This is the M88 sent to rescue the above tank.
Start digging, lads! Going to have to do it the hard way
It takes two After a while, another showed up.
Nosedive! For reasons best known to geologists, apparently stable ground can give way under heavy tanks.
Double-header One tank couldn't pull it out on its own, we tied on as well.

Note the shovel by the rear of the center tank, it was starting to sink too.

And we're out! All three tanks straining together barely made it, but make it they did!
155mm result No fatalities, fortunately. M1114s weren't always this fortunate for us however.
The Hummer above Just as well they were in an M1114 for this one.

You can see the armoured crew compartment is untouched.

Unamphibious Hummer Actually, if my driver was on the ball, we could have probably made it.
Towing Accident Owner of the Opel wasn't happy at the time, but the refund he got was huge.

Tow cable slipped off coming around a corner

Barn door's Open I guess the duct tape gave way
Torsion Bar Broken torsion bars do not stand in the way of patrolling! Busta Nut in Mosul.
SuperHET A HET collided with my tank. And won.

The trailer swung out as he went around the corner and went -though- a track block, the idler wheel, and

pulled off the first three left hand skirts. And the driver didn't notice.

Stuck Stryker We hadn't even gotten to Mosul yet!
My Periscope Is it me, or does it look like someone missed me by about four inches?
Going... When the tank's too heavy for the road...
Going... Just hope that you're not next to a canal
Ah. Oh well.
This is not good. Took us a while to get that one out again.
Our Hero...again Part of the reason for that was that this happened the M-88
Chief of the Boat The crew of USS Bulldog (U-13) were awarded the Submariner's Dolphins.
More towing problems 3-1 caught fire while under tow.
Turret roof This probably doesn't look good on the resume
Million-dollar interior Not worth much now.
Roadwheels The roadwheels of the above tank. (Made of aluminium)