ACH Fitting Getting fitted for the new Advanced Combat Helmets
Land-Nav The Land Nav course in Lewis. "What way's North again?"
PT The tallest and shortest lieutenants on Ft Lewis taking a break
A large bag. <------------------------ What that says.
A bigger bag As above, but a bit bigger. Think it'll fit the overhead compartment?
Cold at Yakima To have the gun look like this, you -know- it was cold.
Yakima Range CP Yours Truly braving the elements to run a range.
Frontblast area clear! M1 firing at night. Pretty cool shot
Tracer Another snazzy picture of a main gun going off.
A Stuck Forklift

Forklift Recovery Ops

We started practicing early for mired vehicles.
Dismounting containers The Army, in its infinite wisdom, sent us a flatbed truck with a container on the back, but forgot to send us a container loader. So we borrowed some forklifts...
Battle Planning

Then the medevac arrives...

Everyone knows toys are used for serious planning purposes. Officers at work.
At the range, early The transportation schedules and the operating hours for the range didn't always match up...
And if you couldn't sleep on the range... Did I mention we were up lousy hours?
Ft Lewis Promotion SSG Pesta is 'congratulated' on getting his new rocker
New PC Nothing but the latest and greatest equipment for us!
Tacomadome Ceremony They got most of the brigade in for this one, the first of many official sendoff functions.
Hakko sight It's a nice sight, but proved not soldier-proof. Replaced by Eotech after breaking.
1st Class For once I got to travel in style. Good book, Bob!
747 Boarding a 747 for Ft Irwin
NTC The company moves to a new FOB at the NTC
NTC Tent Accomodations were cramped.
The Governator Arnie paid us a visit. Good speech, popular with troops.

Likes the troops too, spends a lot of time with them whenever he can.