So far, you've seen a few pictures of vehicles, but mainly of things and people. This is to rectify that!

The Tanks

Barely Legal My tank. 1-1.
Decoration A man's gotta decorate his tank
Fast tank Nice shot of loading the HETs in Kuwait
Guard Duty 1-4G mans the loader's MG while 1-4L stretches his legs. Blue tank in background
COP Tampa


The 1-4 tank takes up a guard position in front of COP Tampa.

This was the site of a battle against 40+ insurgents the week before so they were happy to have a tank around.

1-4 in Mosul One of the best piccies I took all year.

The white light on the mantlet was a good idea, but nobody could figure out how to wire it, so we never got it to work.

Evening Mission Tank drives off into the sunset...
At the Oasis

Oasis 2

Me on a borrowed tank

Oasis 3

1-3 At the Oasis

There were a few clumps of trees in the Anaconda AO.

We called them Oasis, because they provided shade from the heat.

Panther 2 Two in Iraq, we got to play with one for a month after the TF hit so many mines.
TIS View Tanks seen through the TIS
Cross Country

And more

Cross-country maneuvering at Mosul
API Our standard round for the .50 cal
Smile! Taking a pic of us taking a pic of them. The 1-3 tank.
1-4 with APU Taken early in the deployment before we ditched the APUs.
1-4 on Tampa 1-4 tank midway through the year.
1-1 at COP Tampa


Barely Legal from above. You can see we came with spare tyres.
The BFT Antenna

Another angle

And again

For any modellers that want a good pic of the thing. As mounted on my tank.
BFT TC's Station Very useful piece of kit.

Keyboard was badly placed though, only used as an emergency backup if the touchscreen failed

At the Office Gunner and TC inside the tank.
Providing a service Local Fauna
Blue Tank Early in the year.
Another of the same Interesting how the dust affected the delineation between the colours.
Guard duty at Crazyhorse


In addition to the patrols, we also had 8-hour shifts guarding the place. Long days.
Random shot Taken at ING checkpoint.
Turret Near Ali Basr
Driveby 1-2
Dusty! Pretty decent pic, that one.
Dust trails We turned the dirt roads in the area into powder. Locals weren't too happy.
What the driver sees Not much, as you can see.
Fording Tanks and "Lunchbox" (The M113) go paddling.
1-2 in Mosul This is another I've seen making the rounds of the Internet. 1-2 tank, that's 1-2G waving at us.
Waiting patiently Barely Legal waits as 1-4 has tea.
1-2 still in Mosul Toward the end of our stay.
At the Market Another shot of 1-2 at the market.
Looks like Germany Another shot of 1-1 outside SW Mosul
Outside Mosul Just driving around...
On Patrol 1-4 leads a patrol in Eastern Mosul.
Also in Mosul 1-2 here.
Heavy Metal in Mosul

Clear the road!

For better or worse, we did a bit of tank-only patrols, with an M113 along to carry the interpreter and medic.
Make my day! For whatever reason, they usally left us tanks alone. Can't imagine why.
At Night As seen through image intensifier.
Barely Legal again A rare shot of my tank in the field
Busta Nut's Moment of Fame Another DA photo I've seen doing the rounds, 1-3 returns from a raid.

This was a replacement tank, we hadn't sprayed on the bumper numbers yet.

White 2 2-2 comes out the Anaconda North Gate.
Commuting around Anaconda You won't believe the amount of people that don't give tanks the space they deserve when taking this ring road.
Action Right! Small arms came from the right
And this was behind me



Gotta admit, it takes some guts to take a pot shot at most of a tank company.
1-2 in Mosul Taken shortly after our arrival in Mosul
On Patrol at Anaconda The little bridges were nearly demolished by our tanks, but they held.
Now -that's- hull-down! Can you see the tank in this picture?
Mosul Turret 1-2's just the right height in Mosul.
Next stop 2nd floor! Busta Nut (1-3) climbing an embankment
Another famous pic Yet another picture I've seen on various websites, 1-4 on patrol near Anaconda.
Long gun Interesting effect on this shot of 1-4.
At Ali Basr Excellent shot of 1-4 and a HMMWV in Ali Basr.
Watch the rubbish! 1-2 in a not-so-clean part of Mosul
Wave! A White TC greets us.
Nice helmet 2-1G's colourful and patriotic design.
2-1 Back in those days 1-1 didn't like to ride tanks (Being a cav man), so 1-1G got some TC time.
Another passing shot Looks like 2-3 tank, not sure who's in it.
White 3 Formerly 1-1G, 2-3 waves as we pass near Anaconda on a borrowed tank


The Hummers

BFT M1114 Yours Truly and his BFT-equipped M1114 (B1-5)
Is it an APC? No!! It's a Hummer. Slightly overloaded M1114
Blue Convertible No shade on hot days, but you can see out of it. B3-1 commands
White Hummer

Another view

Please note, per the Army, this is a fully armoured vehicle. (It has received the Level II armour kit)
B1-5 1-1G on my M1114. Due to a disagreement with the Engineers, we had over a dozen armour symbols sprayed on it.

The darker square patches are where the Engineers had sprayed their castle insignia.

B1-5 Arrives Who says HMMWVs in theater are never clean. Look, it still has the wrappers on it!
White M1114 On the way to open a school. This school opening took two tank platoons as security!
The Other One Actually, I think it could be the BC's vehicle.


The PCs

Field CP During our in-the-field field training exercise. (Really)
Bradley C/2-2IN Brad at FOB Marez
Last M2 C/2-2IN M2A2ODS at the tail end of a column
M113 Ambulance Returning from raid near Anaconda
M113s M113s and 5-tons return from the same raid.

We were short on PCs, even the FIST-V was brought out!

Ft Lewis Stryker Inside a new Stryker at Ft Lewis. FBCB2 is visible way at the front
ICV Rear quarter shot
Strykers and Tank Stryker ATs supported by 1-2
Stryker at Tampa


Top Views.

The crater left by the truck bomb is visible in the second shot in front of the Stryker.

Styker ATs on patrol All these Strykers are 1-24IN, by the way


Other Stuff


OH-58D We loved these guys. Seemed to be much more helpful than the Apache pilots.
Fly-by Kiowa Warrior buzzes 1-4
AH-64D Flying around near us.
Lulu The name given by EOD to their little robot.