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Large Files

3rd Platoon Video

3B185AR.wmv 32MB

Something that 3rd Platoon put together about half-way through
Hot Day Break

HotDayBreak.AVI 22MB

Taken during a break in an 8-hour patrol. You might get an idea it's warm out.
Mosul Video

MosVid1.wmv 42MB

Another 3rd Platoon Production, though it uses some footage from other platoons.

Huge file, but well worth the download.

"I'm not scared!"

scared1.wmv 33MB

How to get across a gap where the bridge is narrower than the tank... 

The PSG and myself were always willing to give anything a try. PSG in this case

Drive through Mosul

Mosuldrv.MOV 30MB

A drive around part of Eastern Mosul. The large line of cars on the right is a queue of

people waiting for petrol.

Medium-sized files

1st Platoon Slideshow

B1185a.WMV 18MB

Seen before, this is the best way to listen to AC/DC. 

Made about half-way through the deployment.

Fort Crazyhorse

Crazyhorse.MOV 12MB

We spent a month living in this school in the middle of Mosul 

while cross-attached to C/2-2IN, 1st ID 

The Stuff I Carry

TheStuffICarry.AVI 21MB

My PSG shows off his standard load. Some carried more, some less
The Return Home

home.MOV 12MB

Getting off the 'plane at Vandenberg AFB at the end of the deployment

Welcome Home!

30,000 foot Pillow Fight 11MB

After stops in Germany, Ireland, and Washington, we're on our last hop to California 

on a near-empty 'plane, and everybody's in a jovial mood.  Or it's an example of completely losing one's military bearing. 

This battle raged for 45 minutes

57mm Destruction 13MB

Probably not the doctrinally correct way to destroy an AA gun

Small Files

.50 Cal Burst 1

50burst1.MOV 870K

Just a quick burst from the TC's .50 cal
.50 Cal Burst 2

50burst2.MOV 1.5MB

More of the same
.50 Cal CWS View

50sight.MOV 1.2MB

And again, this time through the x3 sight
AT-4 720K

AT-4 live fire vs MTLB at 350m

Most people managed to hit the target

Main gun/coax gunnery

PCtrpstrps.MOV 5.3MB

Night fire, through GPSE. MPAT against MTLB, then coax against two sets of troops. 

Unfortunately, we were missing a coax pin, the gun jumped around, so half the shots were short

Load Cannon TCGST


Pre-deployment certification. An example as to why it sometimes helps to do this station with the engine on: 

More hydraulic pressure available!

TC's M4 Engagement 7.2MB

Yours Truly takes on the Dreaded Red Silhouettes on the move with his rifle...
Mosul Convoy

convoy.MOV 3.7MB

Give you an example of the size of the convoy going to Mosul. 

This was just a company team. (My platoon and C/2-2IN escorted by 1-24IN)

Wrong Turn

wrongturn.MOV 1.8MB

The problem with the 'follow the leader' school of convoying
Acceleration Test 1

drag1.MOV 3.5MB

The engines had been built, rebuilt, repaired with JB-Weld and duct tape... 

Might as well see if they still make the tanks go fast

Acceleration Test 2

drag2.MOV 8.0MB

Turns out, there's great variation in available power.
Wedding Party

wedding.MOV 5.3MB

It's obvious when there's a wedding going on. Just wave, honk your horn, and they'll all wave back.
Gorey in Action

goreyshoot.wmv 690K

The only known footage of one of my tanks firing in anger. My wing tank shoots up a warehouse Mosul, Jan14 2005

Supposedly there's some Predator footage floating around, but I haven't seen it.

Public Recovery

recovery.AVI 3.2MB

We tried to keep our weaknesses secret, but sometimes it was just impossible to stop people finding out...
Main Gun 1.1MB

Main Gun at Night 1 1.2MB

MPAT vs MTLB, oddly enough at night.
Main Gun at Night 2 825K

MPAT vs MTLB through image intensifier.